4 Reasons Why Your Dog May Need Pet Eye Drops

When it comes to your dog’s general health, it’s crucial to consider every aspect. It’s why many pet owners have a good stock of animal nutraceuticals. After all, one should prioritise keeping their pets’ health in top condition. One factor of its health that you should remember is its eye health. Your dog can run into a surprising amount of complications with its eyes if not cared for properly. Thankfully, treating eye conditions is as easy as getting the right eye drops.

Here are four eye conditions that are treatable with eye drops.

1. Cataracts

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in dogs, so it’s crucial to catch them and treat them as soon as possible. Cataracts form when glycated proteins bind with other proteins, creating the large white clouds in a dog’s eyes that disrupt the natural arrangement of the lens crystallin fibres. Lanosterol pet eye drops can help manage cataracts if your dog has been diagnosed.

2. Dry Eyes

Dry eyes may sound like a minor issue initially, but it can lead to further complications if not treated properly with collagen eye drops. Dry eyes may occur if your dog doesn’t produce enough tears to keep its eyes moist. The reason why it’s essential to treat dry eyes as soon as possible is because the eyes rely on tears to get oxygen and other nutrients. Without those, other issues may arise, such as infection.

3. Corneal Ulcers

Like human eyes, the cornea is the outermost layer of a dog’s eye that protects it from outside bacteria, chemicals, and other irritants. Corneal ulcers can occur when the cornea is damaged, either through a scratch or a previous condition, such as dry eyes or an infection. If your dog has corneal ulcers, consider getting collagen eye drops that can help speed up the repair process of the cornea.

4. Allergies

Like humans, dogs can be allergic to many things, such as pollen or specific food. If your dog suffers an allergic reaction, its eyes may start to itch, swell, turn red, or tear up excessively. Antihistamine pet eye drops can help your pets recover from an allergic reaction.

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