Harmful effects of winter and summer on dogs

By their nature, dogs are playful and have a lot of energy to spend during the day. Going for a walk with your dog has health benefits. The problem arises during the summer and winter seasons. The dog coat becomes necessary during the winter, because it helps to protect the body from hypothermia. While playing, dogs rarely realise that their bodies are being affected by excessive cold. It is your job to protect their health. If it is raining, your dog can wear waterproof dog coats to keep his coat from getting wet. This will help your four-legged friend continue to happily play while his dry coat that protects him from the cold outside. If it is summer, the best is not to wear a coat at all, but make sure your dog takes scheduled breaks to prevent his body from overheating.

How does winter affect your dog?

The first thing that is affected during winter is your dog’s sense of smell. Dogs use scents to guide them, so some dogs may become disorientated during the winter. Hypothermia is another winter problem that can cause serious problems or even death. A good dog coat can help you preventing this. You should also protect their paws with some kind of “gloves”. Ice on the ground can cause your dog to slip and fall. Try to take him to safe places. Also, remember that the surface of some lakes can freeze over, posing a risk to dogs walking on them. For older dogs, arthritis and cold weather will be the cause of a painful winter. Try to keep these dogs away from the cold and close to a constant source of heat.

How does summer affect your dog?

Summer is usually perfect for dogs because it is when their owners have the most free time to spend with them. However, excessive heat can cause serious health problems. One of the most serious problems for dogs during the summer is dehydration. It is important that your dog has several sources of water. You can also place a dog pool in a shaded area. Your dog will go to cool off when it gets too hot. If you notice your dog will not stop running, you may need to slow him down a little. Heatstroke can occur if your dog’s body temperature reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, trim your dog’s coat during the summer and watch out if he walks on concrete or asphalt during the hottest part of the day. This can lead to burns on his paws.

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