Feeding Betta Fish – Dos and Donts

Apart from your Betta fish’s tank, probably most likely probably the most primary reasons of taking proper proper proper care of your little friend is feeding Betta fish. This is often crucial since it enables you to definitely set a poor tone for your fish’s health. An ill and very really really stressed out fish is a lot more difficult to take proper care of compared to a robust and healthy one. So, since you have a totally new little friend to consider proper proper proper care of, you’ve most likely requested yourself precisely what are some important tips to feeding your fish?

Right here are a handful of fundamental tips that you need to learn about feeding Betta fish:

  1. Select the appropriate food. Bettas are picky eaters so ensure to select and remain having a food your little guy likes. You are getting Betta specific fish pellets in a shop that are fine. Your little buddy will love frozen/live food for example brine shrimp and bloodworms.

  1. Don’t over feed your Betta. You can feed them little bit of food several occasions every single day. This is often appropriate to a single big meal. They’ll only eat their fill and zip more. In case you overfeed, you’ll maybe you have become to wash their water more often because of the excess food pollution in their tank.

  1. Ensure to cleanse the additional food since it will start to rot that may cause additional damage to your Betta for example illness.

How To Treat Fin Rot In Bettas (Increase Survival Rate) - Betta Care Fish  Guide

  1. Preferably your Betta fish enter the very best tank. The easiest method to feed them is actually by getting their attention. After they demonstrated up towards the top tank and are interested in all you have, drop some food in watching them feed. After they chomp everything up rapidly, then drop more in but under before. Remember, they’ll only eat their fill, so any excess must be attracted out.

  1. When feeding Betta, note in which the uneaten food drops watching your fish. If he does not eat after about 15-twenty minutes, just suck the food items out when using the baster. This reduces contamination within the tank.

Feeding Betta fish can be quite simple in case you follow these fundamental tips. You’ll find more information about feeding your Betta fish and taking excellent proper proper proper care of your Betta here.

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